Climate! Two seasons

Unique, with a distinction; One dry

One wet,

That’s what we expect;


It’s what we get.


My Caribbean! You’re just a microcosm; Meet my world, of westernization,

and rapid expansion; The sum?

Warming, a global one; Who’s at fault?

Every human!


Categories one to five hurricanes leaving residents in real pain,

Then there’s the out of season rains,

and ninety-six plus degrees in the shade;

As showers deflect to torrent and the sun heats up the night, Something is in sight, right? Isn’t that apparent?



Our acts she’s counteracting! Isn’t she adapting?

Adapt and mitigate, the combo perfecto, Forever, inseparable;

To help us storm the weather To help us save each other, from the wrath, of Mother.



We’re dying from exhaustion; Who’s to blame?


Industrialization! ,modernization! – devastation! Big and small nations!

Let’s be fair on this mission; Our love portions?

Less than all corresponding emissions.


My world!

Mother is ‘under the weather’, Prognosis?

Stage one, global warming cancer;

We must do whatever.

We must drive her to remission, Our primary care solution?

Reduced emissions.


Let’s do it! Everything! People!

Nations! Governments! Infuse education! Enact legislations! If things go adverse,

we’ll all get the worst; Let’s change,

to a positive direction.



Change perceptions,

View the world as a gift, to everyone; There are negative impacts for non-action, It is a problem of the total sum;


Join the save the earth band wagon.


Educate! Educate!

Employ every possible medium, Make room for climate adaptation, even on the school’s curriculum.

Everyone does have a part to play, Manufacturers? Farmers?

there are safety practices to obey.



Provide financing and programs.

At every world session call out the big guns,

Get them paying their fair day’s ration.


Trending! Going green Blue economy

Let’s do past all that needs to be. A few efforts more,

Let’s go one, two, three–four;

This will touch Mother, to the core, Will it be the cure?


Change your color Grow new skin; Get two tails,

Add a fin.


Here, in my land

We’re singing the blues;

Our effort? Relentless,

the earth, we must choose.

Measures in place, to achieve remission, all to curb these terrible emissions;

Our government is a responsible one.


All eyes are on Agenda 2030

!Qué será ,será!

Is this our song? No siree! Our decision must Conscientiously


To effect change, Globally!