Adaptation is the process of changing to better suit a situation

Transforming and modifying to ensure continuation

Finding avenues that reduce negative impacts

Hoping to leave the climate more intact

While creating and taking new opportunities

Aimed at building Mother Earth’s immunity


Challenged by high temperatures and rising sea levels

Adding droughts and severe storms to our list of struggles

Adaptation, is the key to our salvation

Decelerating global warming and environmental conservation


Reactive and anticipatory means of application

Fueled by scientific and technological revelations

Around since the start of time

Continuously advancing to support mankind


A plethora of possibility

An extension of man’s sacred duty

To protect, nurture and appreciate our Earth

In order to preserve her worth


Climate adaptation, an essential global skill

Harnessing everyone’s talents and igniting their will

To effect plans for crop rotations, desalination and mangrove restorations

In hopes of ending man’s impending damnation


Storm-resistant infrastructures, plans for natural disasters and inundation schemes,

Establishing stability and creating chances to redeem

A system driven towards human sustenance

And decreasing the probability of erasing nature’s existence


Solar, Wind, Hydro and Geothermal

Should be classified as the ‘new normal’

Sustainably powering our societies

While keeping Mother Earth pleased


Pioneering initiatives, combining traditional and modern knowledge

Designing resilient methods and becoming climate-smart,

Adopting adaptation practices is truly an art

Hence, it is essential that we all take part


This is Adaptation to me

Adopting practices that preserves Mother Earth’s continuity

Please join me and the community

In our journey, to preserving our future prosperity